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Stop Violence Against Women

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BG Capital Holdings has initiated “BGCH For The Community – Stop Violence Against Women” (BGCH SVAW) as one of its social entrepreneurship programs to promote safety among women and awareness to all genders, individual and institutions on the issue of violence against women. This program was founded in April 2010 in response to Malaysia’s National Women Policy which identifies VAW as one of the 13 sectors to be incorporated in the National Development Policy.

[cortana_heading title=”OBJECTIVES” font_size_title=”14″]
  • To assist and amplify the Ministry’s efforts in organizing Violence Against Women (VAW) awareness program at both state and national levels.
  • To assist organizations and individuals to create safe and conducive living/ working environment towards improving productivity and country’s economic growth
  • To help build self-confidence and empower women on safety knowledge and provide them with tips on how to respond effectively in the event of violence
  • To carry out continuous research and promote latest safety knowledge and products related to VAW.
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